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The Professional Bit…..

Brian is a teacher, a storyteller, an observer, an adventurer and a curious soul. He has a deep interest in working on performance, engagement and leadership problems worth solving and courageous conversations worth having.

For more than 25 years Brian has been grappling with the issues of leadership, being human and developing performance. Through a professional career in leadership in industries as diverse as logistics, construction, commodity brokerage and tropical agribusiness (among some others), he has learned a lot  about what works and what doesn’t. Leadership is integral to performance, both good and bad.

In 2011 he took the step into the world of solopreneurship with the intention of transforming the world of work. Based on a belief that the construct of leadership is broken, Brian is helping leaders to lead in a way that, not only opens the door to high performance, but, also creates a dynamic that improves the lives of people at work .
Brian has achieved a lot in his career so far. With that experience comes learning, both from success and failure. He knows there is a lot still to do.
He originally studied accountancy but realised early on that it was not for him and never worked in the profession. Subsequently, he embarked on a journey that led him to uncover a passion for people. His focus now is on helping people to perform at their highest level, while becoming a human of deep integrity, respect and openness.
Let’s face it, leading well is hard. People present all sorts of challenges and leading well means meeting those challenges courageously, compassionately and empathetically, in a way that engages. High performance leadership is about leading in a way that creates real engagement, that creates excitement and a willingness to solve the leadership problems that hold people back.
The business world has a major problem. Too many people are just doing enough to fulfil the most basic needs of their job. This is not their fault necessarily. This is a failure of leadership and the solution is to be found in the way we lead. How we make people feel about the work.

Brian has been fortunate to have had some truly awful leaders, and a few great ones too. He has observed, studied and questioned all sorts of leaders. None of them want to be poor leaders. They want to do a good job. His aim is to  support those that want to do great leadership work, to build teams and organisations that are great.

The Life Bit…..

Life is messy. We all have a story to tell and scars to show. Brian is proud of his stories and scars, they are who he is.

He is ignited by adventures, both intellectual and physical. Meaningful problems worth solving excite him just as much as climbing a big mountain, running an ultramarathon or travelling to places that most won’t go.

In his lifetime Brian has had many successes and failures. He has been through things that should have broken his spirit, but didn’t. From running a mountain ultra-marathon solo, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, a lifetime involved in sport and growing a successful business to being arrested in Ghana, divorce, obesity, bankruptcy and years of an anxiety and panic disorder, all intermingled. These are the things that build resilience, that teach lessons if you can bring yourself to see them.

Brian Downes Leadership Coaching
He has pushed himself physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually – sometimes winning, sometimes losing, always learning.
Brian says that what he remembers most in all of this are the people he has encountered and what he observed from his own and others dark side. How we, as humans, behave when faced with adversity. He is inspired and energised by many of these people, most of whom you have never heard of. Ho continues to learn, be inspired and energised by people, by humanity and by experiences, everyday.
In 2016 Brian became a father for the first time, with the birth of a strong minded and independent daughter, Saorla. He is a partner to the most magnificent woman he has ever met, Belinda, and a step-dad to Cillian and Feilim, two boys that are fast becoming men of substance and character. He is a son, a brother, a cousin, a nephew, a friend and a confidante. He is a runner, a mountaineer and a competitive soul. Brian is a professional speaker, facilitator, coach and mentor. Like you, he plays many roles in his life and wants to do the best work he can.

Making a difference

I discovered that I could make a difference and realised what I wanted to do. I want to make the world of work a better place to be, a place that encourages honesty, creativity, challenge, constructive conflict. To help create leadership, cultures and environments that people engage with and perform through.

Brian Downes Leadership Coaching
Brian Downes Leadership Coaching