Leaders are challenged with finding, retaining, engaging and leading talented people that create value and contribute to the success of the business. I work with those leaders to create high performance cultures that are transparent, accountable, and share a common language from top to bottom. I speak to business audiences on the topics of performance, team & leadership growth, true team building, mental, talent strategy, behaviours and business growth through a focus on people engagement.

A selection of my keynotes include:

  • Leadership 101: Don’t be an asshole!
    • A talk about dealing with the elephant in the room and our behaviour when we feel uncomfortable. A story about trouble in a far away land and unleashing the potential of our people. 
  • Happy Cows Produce More Milk: The Commercial Value of Happiness
    • In a world of work that is struggling to attract, retain and lead talented people, true happiness in work is underrated.
  • Leading Talent: Who is sailing or sinking your ship?
    • Is it the sailors, the bailers or the drillers? This talk explores the types of people in our organisations and how we can steady the ship and point it where we want it to go.
  • The Potential Horizon & Performance Equation
    • How the way we look at the potential of people can impact how people perform and how we can get them to give their best.
  • Befriending Your Oscar
    • Our mental health can be a fragile thing, even for those of us that feel confident and strong, it can change in an instant. One mans journey through mental health challenges.

All of my talks are tailored for the specific audience. I am also happy to develop sessions in partnership with clients, based on their needs and my matching expertise. My talks have been described as challenging, motivational and insightful.

I take pride in being thorough in my preparation and being easy to work with. I will not let you down.

Successful Stories

“What is obvious when Brian is delivering his presentation is his passion, his wealth of knowledge and his enthusiasm  when he is talking. He can animate the energy of the room and work it in peaks and flows to get the point across perfectly. Brian’s eyes light up as he draws many examples from his memory bank as to how he has helped so many along the way, which makes him even more genuine.
Following the presentation I was intrigued to find out about courses and training that he had completed to help him on his own journey. He pointed me in the right direction, responding within no time in an ever helpful way.”
Sinead Stynes, JCI